Cash Valve

Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of pressure regulating and back pressure valves offering products for steam, air/gas, liquid, cryogenic and medical oxygen applications. Their products range in size from 1/8" thru 2" for threaded NPT connections and up through 6 inches for flanged configurations.

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Cash Valve is a brand under Emerson Industrial Automation. Emerson is a leading global technology provider, offering the most trusted and innovative brands in, fluid automation, power generation, power transmission, machine motion, and pneumatics.

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Anderson Greenwood

Anderson Greenwood is regarded as a worldwide technology leader in research and design of high quality premium performance Instumentation valves and manifolds. Anderson Greenwood offers hand valves, gauge valves, manifolds, and Primary Isolation valves specifically designed for use in Instrumentation flow and pressure measurement applications. These products define industry standards for providing repeatable bubble tight shutoff and long service life.

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Cash C-776 Series ASME Section VIII, Air/Gas and Cryogenic Safety Relief Valve

The Type C-776 safety relief valve protects piping, storage tanks, and process equiptment utilized in the distribution of industrial gasses aginst damage caused by the expansion of liquified gases. Ideal for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, and other industrial gasses.

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B-95 Series Regulator Pressure Reducing valve, also available in a Cryogenic Version. Carbon or Stainless Steel.

Automatically maintains, within close limits, the desired reduced pressure in the service line. Threaded connections. Investment cast carbon steel and stainless steel bodies, chambers and bottom plug, with stainless steel trim and a choice of metal-to-metal, Teflon® or BUNA-N-seating.

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A Series Regulator Good for inlet pressures up to 1,100 psi. Maximum temperature 180*F

The Type A Series pressure reducing and regulating valves automaticly reduce a high initial pressure to a lower delivery pressure, and maintain that lower pressure, depending on the specific design selected, within a reasonably clost limit. All A Series valves are single seated, self-actuated, diaphragm type regulators.

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