Supercritical Fluids

Supercritical Fluid Extraction is the process of separating one component (the extractant) from another (the matrix) using supercritical fluids as the extracting solvent. SFE can be used as a sample preparation step for analytical purposes, or on a larger scale to collect a desired product such as essential oils

CO2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction provides a safer, cleaner, purer & faster way to extract botanical oils. CO2 is unique because its solvency power can change by adjusting the temperature and pressure during the extraction. Higher pressures are required.


Butane Extraction

Butane is a highly flammable colourless organic hydrocarbon gas. Butane Extraction is done at lower pressures as compaired to CO2 as it has a lower vapor point. It makes for an efficient liquid solvent at 32*F.

SSP Fittings

SSP Compression Fittings are designed to be both Interchangeable and Intermixable with all major U.S. Brands. SSP Fittings are proudly Manufactured in Twinsburg, Ohio. Shop Better, Shop Small.

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GO Regulator BP66 Series

High Pressure Back Pressure Regulators (10,000 psig). Good sensitivity and a selection of control ranges make this regulator an excellent selection in many extraction facilities.

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Oseco Rupture Discs for High Pressure Holders

Have a Pressure Rupture Disc or Burst Disc in your system? Replace with Oseco's Disc to meet your safety needs.

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